The Emerging Venture Fund Platform

Europe's Strategic LP for

Emerging Fund Managers

Thema enables top-tier emerging managers to launch Venture Capital strategies, providing an all-in-one package spanning operational regulation, access to capital and curated LP insights.


Launching a Venture Capital fund is demanding, even under optimal circumstances.

It entails a significant time commitment and upfront costs, including legal and operational expenses. We understand the complexities involved and offer assistance to emerging fund managers in navigating the regulatory landscape, fund administration and accessing capital.


Emerging managers

Passionately supporting fund managers in their journey to build top-tier funds backing innovative companies.

We believe in cultivating long-lasting relationships built on trust, where our involvement begins with our unique offering and extends far beyond.


Embracing early involvement with fund managers -  we believe in fostering transparency and efficiency throughout our curated, streamlined process.


Manager Evaluation

The team collaborate closely with fund managers, leveraging expertise and an understanding of how to build VC firms. We offer a streamlined value-additive approach to our manager evaluation. We see this as the first step in our mission to be a long-term value-added partner for venture managers we support.


Regulatory Setup and Launch

Launching a Venture Capital fund can be a daunting and costly endeavour. We provide specialised fund management expertise, provide operational infrastructure and fund regulatory cover to guide you through the process allowing you to concentrate on investing in the very best startup companies.


Cornerstone Capital

Alongside our regulatory framework, Thema will provide capital to cornerstone your fund assisting in building the key foundations at the beginning of your journey.


Forging partnerships with exceptional fund managers who share our common goal: driving performance and discovering the next generation of innovative companies.

Up to £5m available in
cornerstone capital
First-year savings from establishing and regulating a fund with Thema