Sam Ettelaie's Interview with Michael Tefula from VC Mastery

Sam Ettalaie shares with Michael Tefula what's broken about launching a new VC firm

Thema's innovative approach to supporting emerging venture capital (VC) fund managers has been spotlighted in an exclusive interview on VC Mastery. The interview features Thema's co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, Sam Ettelaie, who discusses the challenges of launching a new VC firm and how Thema plans to solve them.

Michael Tefula is an investor-in-residence at Ada Ventures and is behind the successful VC Mastery substack where he shares his insights on the VC ecosystem.

In the interview, Sam shares Thema's focus on reducing barriers to entry, how Thema provides operational support, regulatory guidance, and preferential rates to new GPs. The interview delves into Thema's mission, selection process for emerging managers, and the future of the UK LP market. To read the full interview and learn more about Thema's groundbreaking model, you can visit Michael's substack here.

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