Thema Platform Launch Highlighted on

We are pleased to share that Thema has been featured in an article by, highlighting our newly launched venture fund platform designed to support first-time fund managers in starting their own venture capital firms.

Our platform addresses significant barriers in the VC space by offering an all-in-one package that includes operational regulation, access to capital, and LP insights. This comprehensive support results in a 41% reduction in first-year costs, making the process of raising a fund more accessible and fairer. Our goal is to foster a more meritocratic VC industry, enabling talented individuals to bring their visionary strategies to life.

Thema will act as a cornerstone limited partner, providing first tickets of up to £5 million, along with operational and regulatory support, office space, and curated LP insights. We plan to commit to four funds annually for the next three years, targeting fund managers with strong track records as VCs, angel investors, ex-entrepreneurs, and senior operators from the UK and Europe.

Our co-founders, Sam Ettelaie and George Askew, bring a wealth of experience to this initiative. Sam’s tenure at the British Business Bank and George’s operational experience as a VC have been instrumental in shaping Thema’s mission to lower barriers to entry and promote diversity within the VC ecosystem.

We are excited to share our vision and support our partners in their growth journey. For more details, you can read the full coverage on

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